Existing Greenhouse Structures

We recover, repair, maintain, relocate, and supply accessories for greenhouses from a variety of manufacturers such as Redpath Greenhouses, Harford Greenhouses, Coastal Greenhouses, Tunnelworld, and Morrifield.

Contact Darren on 0800 212 934 for all maintenance enquiries.

Recovery and Repairs
Recovering greenhouses is one of our core jobs; it helps ensure every grower has the best growing environment. For example:
– replacing covers on a maintenance schedule of 6-8 years
– fixing or replacing covers after being ripped from old age or storm damage

We supply all film and the associated clipping system. We can cover must structures at any time of the year. Over the years we have developed many repair techniques which have provided cost savings and been able to be done while crops are still in.
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Maintenance Schedule
Just like new greenhouses, existing greenhouses will benefit from having regular maintenance schedules which will highlight any issues and allow you to budget for upcoming recovering and repair work needed.

We will draw up a comprehensive maintenance schedule. The items will include every aspect of the greenhouse and most can be easily done once every 6 months or so by simply viewing the components as you walk along the greenhouse. It forms a simple checklist so you know that you are achieving the best possible outcomes from your greenhouse.
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Relocation of Greenhouses
Over the last number of years, relocating greenhouse structures of any type has become more common. Whether its a Redpath, Harford, Tunnelworld, or older structure, we have relocated just about every type. Whether it’s just a couple of kilometres or from Canterbury to nearly Picton, we can move them. We can provide cost to dismantle, transport, plans and engineering for reconstruction, construction, and any extra parts and recovers to complete the process.
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Insurance Process and Related Services
We are often contacted by insurance companies to provide quotes and information regarding greenhouse structures. We provide all related information and full repair quotes to the client and insurance company.

On occasion we are asked to provide information on warranty and life of products connected to the greenhouse. We always provide what we believe to be an honest appraisal of this information. Clients are free to contact us and ask any questions related to greenhouse products and warranties.

Supply of Greenhouse Products and Accessories
We are in an unique position: we supply any greenhouse related product or accessory from any manufacturer. We can send the product direct to the client or deliver them when we arrive to fit them. All accessories from film to clipping systems to roll up wall options are available.

Our Portfolio
Our portfolio offers a snapshot of existing structures that we have recovered, repaired, relocated, been involved with an insurance company and/or supplied and fitted new components for. These photos will give you a small glimpse of some of the work we have done around the South Island.
See – Recovering Greenhouses in our Portfolio.
See – Relocating Greenhouses in our Portfolio.

Contact Darren
Contact Darren on 0800 212 934 for all maintenance enquiries.